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The purpose of the Executive Office of the President is to house the president's advisers and administrative support. Administrative support roles include financial management, personnel management, data processing, and maintenance of records and supply of information. ...


An executive order issued by the president of the United States is an order that must be followed and is automatically law. It is issued by the president to manage the executive part of the government.


A Presidential term of office is four years in the United States, and an individual is allowed to run for two terms. A maximum of 10 years in office is allowed if the person becomes President by order of succession before being elected to the office.


The executive branch of the United States, headed by the president, has the primary duty of administering and implementing federal laws. In addition to the president, who acts as commander in chief, the Vice president also has a prominent role in directing the activitie...


The presiding officer of the United States Senate is simply called the presiding officer. The presiding officer of the Senate is also the president of the Senate and the vice president of the U.S.


John Boehner is the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives as of 2014. The entire House of Representatives elects the Speaker, whose institutional role is presiding officer.


A sales executive is an employee of a company who is responsible for selling the company's goods and services to customers. Customers are not limited to individual people, but can also be other businesses and even government organizations. Depending on the company, the ...