Currently no US bank will exchange Iraqi Dinars. They can be exchanged through, private collectors and some international banks, including the Central Bank of Iraq. More »

The current exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar is available from XE, Google Finance and Yahoo! Finance. These exchange rates are updated in real time. The exchange rate listed on the Central Bank of Iraq compares the dina... More »

According to a May 9, 2014, report from Huntsville, Ala., WHNT News, it is possible that one or more small U.S. banks trade in Iraqi dinars, but the station was unable to locate a bank that does. Wells Fargo Bank and Ban... More »

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Up-to-date exchange rate information can be found for the Iraqi dinar at uses information from global foreign exchange markets to calculate the current value of all of the world's currencies. More »

Investing in Iraqi dinars offers no benefit to Americans. The federal government and multiple state governments classify Iraqi dinars investments as scams. The Federal Bureau of Investigation encourages investors contact... More »

Most major banks in the United States are able to perform currency conversions between dollars and Iraqi dinar. Some of the banks that offer this service include Wells Fargo and Bank of America. More »

Exchange foreign currency at one of three locations: ATMs, banks or designated currency exchange kiosks. Each location generally has distinct advantages and disadvantages, so it is a good idea to weigh several different ... More »