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You can use Microsoft Excel by entering your information, and then formatting it to create spreadsheets for organizational or analytical purposes. The program offers an assortment of models, formulas and tools to present and track data in a variety of ways.


In Excel, the mean function is used to calculate the average of a set of numbers. The numbers used can come from any cell in an Excel spreadsheet by listing the cells involved into the average function box.


Microsoft provides free training for its Excel software at Office Training Center. The training center has courses for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. A Microsoft account is not required to access the training content.


Microsoft offers a free training center for Excel as of 2015. The database includes courses for Excel on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Alternatively, users can access a help database within Excel by pressing F1 or by clicking the blue help button on the top-right.


Microsoft Access is a database management program, while Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. Someone can use these programs simultaneously to track business productivity and other factors.


Microsoft and GCF Learn Free offer free online courses for Excel. Whereas the training center by Microsoft has courses for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, GCF Learn Free only offers courses for the Windows edition of the program.


Microsoft Office Training and Tutorials offers several free training courses and videos to learn Excel. As of 2015, it offers learning materials for the 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions of Excel. In addition, free courses for learning mobile, online and Mac versions of Excel are available.


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A cell in Microsoft Excel is a rectangular-shaped box on a worksheet. Any combination of numbers or words can be entered in the cell; however, Excel is generally used as a calculation tool.


Get practice tests for Microsoft Excel from websites such as Testprep-online.com, Proprofs.com, ISOgrad.com and Wiziq.com. Some tests are free, and others are premium to allow users hone their skills and knowledge on Excel.