Exercises for Microsoft Excel allow users to gain skill in areas such as formatting, data management, chart and graph creation, pivot tables, and cash flow forecasting. Practice exercises are available for beginner, inte... More » Technology Software

Get practice tests for Microsoft Excel from websites such as,, and Some tests are free, and others are premium to allow users hone their skills and knowledge on Exc... More » Technology Software offers a free practice test for Excel 2010. The quiz consists of 20 questions that test knowledge on basic skills, functions, and terminology in Excel 2010. More » Technology Software
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To create a pivot table in Microsoft Excel 2010 or a newer version, click on any cell in the data set of your current worksheet, open the Insert tab, and click on the Pivot Table button. Once the Pivot Table dialog box a... More » Technology Software

To make a bar graph in Microsoft Excel, first open the appropriate spreadsheet, and select the data you want to represent. Ensure the data is in columns and that there are no blank cells. Also, name the column and row he... More » Technology Software

To create a line graph in Microsoft Excel 2013, use the mouse to highlight the data you want to include in the graph, and select the desired type of line graph from the Insert tab. Be sure to highlight the headings of ro... More » Technology Software

To create a graph in Microsoft Excel, you must first input your data into the worksheet, then highlight it, and finally insert a chart by clicking the Insert button at the top of the window. You have a number of differen... More » Technology Software