An inventory template sheet is an precreated spreadsheet that allows users to add their own inventory information. Inventory template sheets are available online and through spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Managing a Business

An inventory tracking template is a custom formatted spreadsheet designed to easily keep track of products, items, costs, stock and movement. It is a low-cost, easy alternative to using a complex inventory program, and c... More » Technology Software

An Excel inventory spreadsheet is a spreadsheet designed using Microsoft Excel that facilitates inventory maintenance, analysis and control. This spreadsheet can be customized for different types of inventories and can u... More » Technology Software

To track office supply inventory, keep all items in a centralized location, group items based on type, and record the data on a spreadsheet. Considering the wide range of office supply items, an effective tracking system... More »

To make an information technology budget, create a spreadsheet that includes standard personnel and other expenses, as well as items specific to IT, including the costs of hardware, software, subscriptions and services, ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Managing a Business

Inbound logistics are the functions of general logistics management that concern arranging the influx of raw materials, parts or finished inventory from suppliers to end users. Logistics plans, implements and controls th... More »

A document that details terms of investment, a term sheet typically includes information on the company's valuation, its board of directors, disclosure requirements and pro rata rights. A term sheet also outlines change-... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Managing a Business