Issuing a verbal warning involves sharing details of a workplace problem with an employee and offering specific directives on how and when the behavior must change. Documenting the warning for personnel files is also com... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Some places that allow a person to print a verbal warning form online include and Both of these websites offer PDFs to download and print. More » Technology Internet & Networking

In the movie "Shrek," Donkey asks Shrek a question to which Shrek replies "yes"; when Donkey asks him, "Really?" Shrek says that he never accepted in the first place. This verbal irony is seen throughout the movie during... More » Education Writing Literary Writing
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An employee warning notice is a form used by human resource departments and business management to discipline employees. The form defines the kind of warning the employee is getting and the violation that was committed. More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Employee warning sheets, forms and notices typically contain sections to record the names of both the employee and supervisor participating in the action, an area for the supervisor to write in the reason the employee is... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

An employee warning letter should include a mention of the ongoing disciplinary proceedings, the infringement that necessitated the proceedings, a clear warning, the amount of time for which the warning applies and the a... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

A good employee is an individual who shows up on time, delivers quality work on schedule and displays professional behavior. Good employees are frequently organized, motivated and willing to go beyond the normal scope of... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR