Strophic form is a song format in which all verses are sung to the same melody and each verse repeats a refrain line. The format dates back to the earliest popular poems set to music and lends itself to storytelling and ... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Harmonic music is any music that makes use of harmony, which is any simultaneous combination of notes, especially when arranged in chords and intervals in a pleasing or interesting way. By comparison, nonharmonic music i... More » Hobbies & Games Playing Music

The best examples of football music are fight songs heard, played and sung before, during and after almost all football games, ranging from high school games through the professional level. Some teams at the professional... More » Art & Literature
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Narrative poems tell a story about characters progressing through a plot in verse form. Narrative poems were often told or performed verbally for an audience. For example, the "Epic of Gilgamesh" and the "Iliad" are abou... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

The term fixed form poem, also known as closed-form poem, simply means that the verse follows a specific or fixed way of being written. Examples of this form include sonnets, haikus, villanelles or limericks. These have ... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Some examples of refrain in poetry include the lines "jump back, honey, jump back" in "A Negro Love Song" by Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and "return and return again" in James Laughlin's "O Best of All Nights, Return and Retur... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

One example of a verse from a love poem is: "Had we but world enough, and time, / This coyness, lady, were no crime. / We would sit down and think which way / To walk, and pass our long love’s day..." This verse is from ... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry