Some examples of single-issue parties, as the name implies, are those parties that are mainly devoted to one specific issue, such as animal rights, the legalization of marijuana or the abolition of abortion. In the Unite... More »

A single-issue party is a political party that argues and promotes legislation for a single issue. Green parties in various nations, for example, started off as parties focusing solely on the environment. More »

Single-issue political parties form in response to a particular problem that their members want to change in society. One early example in American history was the American Party, also called the Know-Nothing Party, whic... More » Government & Politics Politics Political Parties

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Each court has its own rules when it comes to writing motions, but all motions must include the name of the court, the parties in the lawsuit and any docket or file number, according to Parties can file moti... More » Government & Politics Law

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