“Effect of Bernoulli's Principle on two near-by objects,” “Bottled-up Buoyancy: Working of Submarines,” “Working of a Hovercraft,” “Energy Conversions: Potential to Mechanical Energy” and “Refraction in Water” are exampl... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

See example of sixth grade science projects at websites such as and Both sites offer a range of project ideas along with pictures and instructions. More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

Examples of science fair projects can be found on Science Buddies, and Discovery Education. These sites feature numerous projects on multiple science themes, such as chemistry, life science and biology. More » Education K-12
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Three unique ideas for science fair projects include color-changing carnations, creating a cloud in a bottle, and determining which frozen liquid melts the fastest. Each project is associated with a different subsection ... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

Craters and Meteorites, The Strength of an Electromagnet and The Bouba-Kiki Effect are examples of science fair projects from as of 2015. Other Science Buddies projects include May the Best Plant Win, ... More » Education K-12

Science fair projects for a five-year-old include "Sniffing Jars," which explores the sense of smell, "Dinosaur Tracks," which explores how fossil imprints are made, and "Why do Plants Wilt?" which teaches kids how to ke... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

There are a number of simple scientific experiments that kindergarteners can set up for a science fair, with one such example being a sunprint, which shows how the sun's energy can cause chemical changes by placing objec... More » Education K-12