The term "sales promotion" refers to a type of marketing that is either targeted toward the distribution channel (by providing incentives for sales) or directly at the consumer. It is a tactic for introducing new items, ... More »

Advertising is a one-way persuasive communication with a purpose to promote goods or services to potential customers, while sales promotions are marketing activities intended to immediately boost sales. Advertising's pri... More »

Sales promotions may help businesses gain exposure, clear out old inventory and boost revenue, but they are not ideal for attracting new customers. Sales promotions are most valuable to small businesses and can help busi... More »

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According to TheManageMentor, the main functions of distribution channel marketing include information gathering, matching, promotion, developing contacts and negotiation for the sole purpose of providing a link between ... More »

The American Marketing Association explains that marketing is a set of systematic activities that include research, solution development, promotion, sales and service. Each of these major elements is further broken down ... More »

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that involves the promotion of products through electronic media, such as mobile phones, email and the Internet. Digital marketing methods allows companies to assess campaigns an... More »

Cooperative marketing occurs when organizations or a group of businesses with the same type of product work together to encourage people to buy their products. These businesses will usually pool their money together to p... More »