The Great Pyramids of Egypt are square pyramids. Their base is in the shape of a square, and the apex is centered on top. More »

Pyramid shapes are virtually everywhere; they are prominent in the world of architecture and in works of art. Well-known examples include the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, the Great Pyramid of Giza and various graphs used to... More »

Pyramids are three-dimensional tetrahedrons with a base, which can be rectangular or triangular, and corresponding sides comprised of triangles that meet at a single apex. Thus, because there are multiple kinds of pyrami... More »

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The number of sides a pyramid has depends on the shape of its polygonal base; for example, if the base of a pyramid is a square, it will have five sides, which are four triangular sides and one square side. A pyramid who... More »

A square-based pyramid is a pentahedron with a base shaped like a square. This means that the square base has four sides that are all equal. The pyramid has five faces, consisting of its base and four triangles as sides. More »

A square based pyramid has eight edges. It has four edges on its square base and four edges along the four triangles that make up its sides. More »

To make a four-sided pyramid out of cardboard, simply attach four triangles to the sides of a square, and then fold the triangles up and secure them at the apex. Lay all the pieces out and tape them together, and fold th... More »