A tick that is sucking blood from an elephant is an example of parasitism in the savanna. The tick is a parasite that is taking advantage of its host, and using its host for nutrients. More » Science Biology

One common example of a parasite in the marine biome, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, is the larval round worm. The marine biome contains a huge range of parasites, which are living organisms... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life

The relationship between the catalpa hornworm, a caterpillar, and Cotesia congregata, a wasp, is an example of parasitism in the deciduous forest. The wasp lays its eggs inside the caterpillar, and the larvae feed off of... More » Science Environmental Science
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An example of a parasitism relationship is that of ticks, fleas, lice or leeches on a host such as a human or dog. A parasitism relationship is where one of two plants or animals gains at the expense the other without ki... More » Science Biology

An example of parasitism in the rainforest is leeches and any animal. Leeches are parasites, attaching to and feeding off of the blood of animals. According to parasitic relationships, this benefits the leeches while har... More » Science Biology

One example of parasitism in the rain forest involves botfly larvae living and feeding off the flesh of the jaguar. This is a parasitic relationship because it benefits only one member, the botfly larvae, while harming t... More » Science Biology

An example of using a Punnett square for blood typing would be predicting a child's possible genotypes based on the blood types of his parents. The filled-in Punnett squares would show all the possible genetic combinatio... More » Science Biology