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Because of the many shapes in which parallel lines can be found, they have several applications in everyday objects. In geometry, parallel lines can be identified and drawn by using the concept of slope, or the lines inclination with respect to the x and y axis. Two lines with the same slope do not intersect and are considered parallel.


Some examples include the structural frames of buildings, railroad tracks, windows (opposite sides), sailboats, steps, and paper. parallel bars in men's gymnastics Also anything that is shaped as ...


Parallel lines differ from perpendicular lines in that parallel lines never intersect. Real-world examples of parallel lines include railroad tracks, stripes on the American flag, power lines hung between poles, lines on composition paper and plugs at the end of electrical cords.


Here is your answer :- Parallel lines are the lines which never intersects and run parallely. Some examples are given below: 1. Opposite walls in a room. 2. Two sides of road. 3. Queues of women and men while serving ‘Langar’. ( Langar : A traditi...


Parallel, imaginary line extending around the Earth parallel to the equator; it is used to indicate latitude. The 38th parallel, for example, has a latitude of 38° N or 38° S. See latitude and longitude.


Introduction to parallel and perpendicular lines and where one can see them in everyday life. ... Intro to Parallel and Perpendicular Lines detwilerrj12. ... REAL LIFE EXAMPLES OF LINE AND ANGLES ...


Examples of Parallel Lines Angles. We can use the Angle Properties of Parallel Lines to solve geometry questions as shown in the following examples.


Parallel Lines and Transversals in the Real World This is one lesson in a larger Unit Plan that covers many properties of triangles and several other theorems. It has proofs, real world problems, constructions, a unit project, assessments, and more.


A Mercator projection has parallel latitude lines and parallel longitude lines. Asked in Science , Math and Arithmetic , Algebra , Geometry What are examples of parallel lines in the real world ?


Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, Transversals, Alternate Interior Angles, Alternate Exterior Angles - Duration: 41:56. The Organic Chemistry Tutor 138,507 views 41:56