Some performance indicator examples deal with financial metrics including measuring profit and net loss, analyzing costs, measuring sales by region or department and researching expenses and budget. Examples of performan... More »

Some examples of key performance indicators within a business climate include sales growth, net revenue and customer loyalty. Different types of organizations use different key performance indicators, or KPIs. An example... More » World View Social Sciences Economics

Key performance indicators include but are not limited to the profit, the profit margin, the return on equity, the return on investment and the current ratio, notes Klipfolio. Further examples range from the customer ret... More » Business & Finance Investing
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Develop key performance indicators by examining the company or department to identify the areas that matter most, then matching those aspects to quantifiable numbers or metrics. Determine the ideal goal value for each ar... More »

Tips for setting key performance indicators include focusing on the most relevant metrics to the company or department in question, identifying areas with clear and measurable data points, and defining the ideal success ... More »

Call center quality parameters are derived from standard key performance indicators used by call center management. Common key performance indicators for call center performance include time to answer, call abandon rate,... More »

The formula for profit is total revenue minus total expenses, resulting in net profit, according to Accounting Tools. Company finance officials review net income often to determine the viability of the company. More »