Feature articles look at news stories in-depth rather than delivering breaking news. One example is a human interest story that discusses someone's experiences. More »

AARP The Magazine is a lifestyle magazine geared toward people aged 50 and above. Articles featured in AARP The Magazine cover a wide variety of topics, such as health, work, retirement, finance and family, as well as tr... More »

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Many feature stories are recorded in the online archives of magazines and newspapers. A feature story is a piece of in-depth journalism. It differs from headline journalism in the length of the piece and the level of det... More »

As of February 2015, the home page of Michael Savage's website features links to political news articles, updates and breaking news. There is a link to his daily newsletter, as well as contests he hosts and published med... More »

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Find quotes about novels on websites specifically devoted to quotes, study help sites and in articles and blog posts listing quotes. Bartleby.com/100, BrainyQuote.com/quotes and SparkNotes.com are all websites featuring ... More »

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Littering articles are stories that discuss litter, a major pollution problem. To "litter" means "to throw things on the ground and leave them there", as opposed to disposing of them. More »

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Some examples of narrative text are novels, short stories, news stories, memoirs and biographies. Narrative text encompasses both fiction and non-fiction, and it includes any form of writing that communicates a series of... More »