Examples of discrimination in a workplace include age, religious, sex and racial discrimination. Employees are protected under the law against discrimination during recruitment, training, employment or dismissal. More »

From disproportionate sentences handed down to people who are not Caucasian to the minimal representation of non-whites in the government and on juries, racial discrimination has a systematic grounding in American societ... More »

Some types of work discrimination include age, gender, disability and race discrimination. There can also be discrimination based on someone’s religion, national origin or pregnancy. Retaliation, sexual harassment and un... More »

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Examples of self-assessments include questions that gauge the effectiveness of an employee's actions within the workplace, whether or not he is meeting his goals and his manager's goals and if he feels he is spending his... More »

Making false accusations in the workplace may undermine organizational morale and productivity, and lead to employee discrimination, says the Houston Chronicle. An accused employee may also file a civil case based on cha... More »

Situations that qualify as racial discrimination in the workplace include an employer intentionally selecting employees or applicants of a certain race and treating those employees less favorably than others, or when emp... More »

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Allegations based on retaliation, race and sex were the most reported workplace discrimination complaints filed during the 2014 fiscal year, states the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The commission receive... More »

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