Some examples of conduction are a pot on a hot burner, a spoon in hot tea and touching a hot cup of coffee. In each of these examples, there is a transfer of heat from the hotter object to the colder one. Heat transfer o... More » Science Physics Electricity

Median motor nerve conduction studies and median orthodromic sensory studies are two nerve conduction studies worth examining, according to the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging

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Walking across a carpeted floor and getting a shock when touching a door knob or other metal object is an example of static electricity. Clothes stuck to one another after being in the dryer is another example of static ... More » Science Physics Electricity

The mechanism of a zener diode works by using a reverse bias connection, which results in a breakdown that allows electrical conduction. The principle behind this mechanism is known as the zener effect, named after the A... More » Science Physics Electricity

Dynamic electricity is the flow of an electric charge through a conduction point. Dynamic electricity is often referred to as electric current. More » Science Physics Electricity

A bistable gate is an example of a sequential logic circuit. These circuits depend on current input signals as well as a stored history of input signals that have been used in the past in order to determine output. More » Science Physics Electricity