Don't forget you can also make comparisons between two or more items with the words "more" and "most." For example, "She is more active than he is" offers a ...


Examples of comparative adjectives reveal how these descriptive words ... to the comparative adjective to show degrees of difference in the comparison:.


The superlative form with the word the is used to compare three or more. ... Here are some rules and examples of how to form the comparatives and superlatives:  ...


There are some rules to help you make comparisons in English. 1 If the adjective (describing word) is one syllable, you can add -er. For example, small – smaller ...


A-Z list of 35 comparative and superlative adjectives with examples; Quantifiers for comparatives; Exercises: ... In other words, they describe extremes. They are ...


Express similarities and differences with comparative words and expressions: the same, alike, unlike, different from, similar to, and more.


As well as serving as modifying words like beautiful and big, adjectives are also used for indicating the position on a scale of comparison. The lowest point on the scale is known as ... is known as the superlative form. Here are some examples:.


When we make these comparisons, we use comparative and superlative forms of ... Here are some examples of these irregular words as comparatives and ...


They compare things and objects using specific words such as than, more, or less, etc. This comparison is called “comparative form.” In grammar, a comparative ...


Do you know how to make comparisons in English? Learn how to use ... For example, the words in bold below are adjectives: cold ice cream. large city.