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To make acid rain for a science project, use vinegar or vinegar dissolved in water. Change the concentration of vinegar in the solution to imitate more or less acidic rain.


Examples of acids include vinegar, citrus fruits, tomato juice, black coffee, bananas, milk, sulfuric acid, battery acid and hydrochloric acid, which is a digestive compound found in the stomach. Acids are ionic compounds made up of positively and negatively charged ions that separate in water to fo


Examples of everyday science include watching bread rise, making carrot cake from real carrots and seeing the way a recipe changes from the original ingredients to the finished product. The most common examples of everyday science lie in normal cooking and baking procedures.


Determining which type of soda is the most corrosive, due to the acid, is an interesting science project. This projects helps determine which soda is the most harmful to tooth enamel.


A variety of science fair projects can be done on acid rain, including the effects of acid rain on buildings or the effects of acid rain on the environment. To conduct this type of experiment, acid rain needs to be replicated by combining two tablespoons of vinegar with two cups of water. After the


Scientific findings are discovered through research conducted using the scientific method. The scientific method involves a number of steps, including observation, asking a question, hypothesizing, predicting and testing.


Some common examples of acids are hydrosulfuric acid, hydrobromic acid, hydrochloric acid, hydroiodic and hydrofluoric acid, while some common bases are calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, barium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. The acidity or basicity of


Computer science is the study of processing information using computers. It includes both theoretical and applied topics such as higher math, algorithms, computational processes, computer design, software design and human-computer interaction.


Making an exploding lunch bag and blowing up a balloon with yeast are examples of some fun science experiment ideas. Both experiments are from the Science Bob website, which includes lists of needed items, directions and a scientific explanation.


Health science is a science discipline that applies to human or animal health. Health science is divided into two sections. One section is research and then second section applies the knowledge gained from the research.