A transition plan lays out a series of events and resources needed to move a business into a new direction. It starts with a list of deliverables, such as studies, analyses, projected sales or client growth, new policies... More »

Transition plan templates are available through sites such as,, and, as of 2016. Some sites offer multiple versions of transition plan templates fo... More »

A sample employee transition plan is a template that outlines the kind of information that is included in an employee transition plan. This document is used to outline the actions an employee needs to take when transitio... More » Business & Finance Careers
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An example of a business continuity plan is one that includes a study of business impact, project implementation, strategy creation, and examination of risk and methods of working with the necessary public authorities in... More »

An example business plan for a car wash begins with an executive summary that states the name and intent of the company, followed by sections that outline the management team, the services available and the target custom... More »

Write an employee transition plan by meeting with the employee vacating the position to understand her current obligations and responsibilities and outlining all outstanding matters she needs to address before leaving. T... More »

To write a good mission statement, figure out the direction of the business, its purposes and goals, and what it offers that is unique to the market. Write a short statement between one to three sentences that summarizes... More »