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A cover letter is a letter that a job prospect sends to a hiring manager along with a resume and any other application materials. The purpose of the cover letter is to introduce the applicant and to express interest in an open position. Also, the letter details any back...


A good example of a cover letter enhances the information already contained in a resume. The advertised job description tailors a cover letter to ensure the letter has the necessary content to highlight the accomplishments of the applicant.


A cover letter provides an introduction of the applicant to the prospective employer by describing qualifications. The information in the cover letter complements the information in the resume instead of just repeating the same information.


Cover notes, commonly called cover letters, introduce an applicant to potential employers by highlighting experiences and skills. An effective cover letter also requests an opportunity for the applicant to meet the hiring manager face-to-face.


A job acceptance letter is the applicant's formal way to accept the job offer and show gratitude to the hiring manager for the opportunity. In addition, the letter acknowledges the details of the employment, such as the position title, salary, starting date and incentiv...


Susan Ireland, author of four job search books and three software packages, offers good examples of free cover letters on her site, SusanIreland.com. These are grouped by occupation or by situation, such as if someone is a recent graduate, changing careers or following ...


Overall, the cover letter should convey the essential message of what position is being applied for and why the reader should consider the attached application. A cover letter is an essential part of a job search or work proposal and should be viewed as an opportunity t...


Job hunting sites Monster.com and LiveCareer.com publish sample cover letters for different types of jobs. About.com also offers an extensive list of cover letters in its advice section.


A good cover letter includes the candidate's skills and how they match the employer's needs. Candidates should begin their cover letter with an opening statement that highlights the position they are applying for and where they found the job opportunity.


Multiple resources are available online that provide cover letter samples for resumes, such as resumecoverletters.org and myperfectcoverletter.com. The websites are all similar to one another and are easy to maneuver.