Some examples of sympathy messages include expressing sorrow for the loss, saying that deep sadness is felt, and mentioning that the individual is being remembered in thoughts and prayers. Hallmark lists several categori... More » Education Writing

Messages to include in sympathy notes are statements like, "I am so sorry for your loss" and "Wishing you peace as we remember your father. He will be greatly missed." Statements must be comforting, sensitive, and offer ... More »

Only a few short but sincere sentences are an adequate expression of gratitude to those who express their sympathies following the death of a loved one. A thank you message for a sympathy card should state appreciation f... More » Holidays & Celebrations notes that messages in a sympathy card may include phrases such as "You are in my thoughts," "My sincerest sympathy," "Sent with love and remembrance," "Peace, Prayers, and Blessings" and "May your h... More »

Condolence messages to a grieving family specifically expresses sympathy for the family's loss and support and provide support by assuring the family that the message sender's thoughts are with the family. A brief apprec... More »

Some messages to write in a sympathy card, as suggested by Hallmark, include, "I am sorry for your loss," "My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you," "My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time," "Y... More »

According to the Mayo Clinic, depression is a pathological emotional state characterized by sadness; irritability; low energy level; loss of pleasure from normally enjoyable events; sleep disturbances, such as oversleepi... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Mental Health