To write a science project outline, start by listing each step of the scientific method. Creating these sections ensures all necessary information is included in the outline. An outline is especially valuable for a scien... More » Education Homework Help

Examples of science projects can be found on Science Buddies, and Home Training Tools. These sites feature a variety of projects for science classes, fairs and home learning. More » Science Chemistry Chem Lab

Examples of great science projects include those that pose questions, such as whether tea stains the teeth or if aspirin helps plants grow. Other examples are those that teach how to do something, such as making a solar ... More » Education K-12
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Some easy and fun science project ideas for fourth graders include projects such as a pizza box solar oven that demonstrates the power of solar energy and a jumping cereal project which displays the properties of static ... More » Education Homework Help

Science projects that are already completed can be found in online media, in science project books and in photos or videos of past science fair winners. Instructions that map out successful projects are readily available... More » Education Homework Help

Second grade science project ideas include measuring the rate of mold growth on food, making a lemon battery, experimenting with chlorophyll, making a volcano or seeing what happens when plants are watered with juice or ... More » Education Homework Help

Some good ideas for a ninth-grade science project are an experiment to determine the effectiveness of teeth whiteners, ways to keep bread fresh longer, and what makes a clothes dryer more efficient. They do not require a... More » Education Homework Help