Examples of personal strengths are learning agility, excellent communication skills and self-motivation, according to Job Interview & Career Guide. Strengths include being a determined team player and a natural leader an... More »

Individuals can identify personal weaknesses for a job interview by assessing personal traits and job performance abilities and determining which areas need work. Examples of these areas are meetings, working with teams ... More »

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Innovative responses for explaining weaknesses in a job interview include mentioning past weaknesses or weaknesses that are not important to the specific job. You can also mention supposed weaknesses that are actually st... More »

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Job Interview and Career Guide define organizational skills as a set of skills that help a person to achieve her objectives in life. Good organizational skills include effective communication strategies, keenness to deta... More »

One of the most marketable job skills for employees is interpersonal communication skills that help them negotiate and work well with teams. Other marketable skills include technology skills that help them learn, use and... More »

Becoming a health care consultant involves completing a bachelor's degree in relevant fields, including human resource management and marketing, and having essential skills for the job, including self-motivation and prop... More »

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To create a list of your strengths and weaknesses, accurately target and specifically define what makes you act, communicate and relate to situations and people the way you do. Be objective when describing yourself, and ... More »