Common legal briefs include the merits brief and the amicus brief, notes Rottenstein Law Group. In a merits brief, a party to a case lays out legal arguments and explains to the court why they are compelling. The amicus ... More » Government & Politics Law

The typical layout of a trial brief includes an introduction, a statement of facts, a question presented, point headings and an argument, explains the City University of New York School of Law. Each court system has its ... More » Government & Politics Law

To write an outline for a legal case brief, begin with the case name and year of the opinion, and then state the facts, issues, holding and rationale, according to LexisNexis. The facts include the parties' identities, e... More » Education Writing
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Home treatment for diaper rash on adults wearing incontinence briefs includes keeping the skin dry by changing the brief when it is wet and soiled and ensuring the skin is not in contact with stool or urine, explains Web... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Skin Conditions

A merit trial, also known as a trial on merits, focuses on the basic facts of the case. USLegal explains that the judge hears arguments and facts from both sides and decides the case on the merits of each, which is how m... More » Government & Politics Law

The six possible judgements rendered in a civil case are judgement on the merits, summary judgment, judgement notwithstanding the verdict, consent judgement, default judgement and deficiency judgement, according to USLeg... More » Government & Politics Law

Law students use case law briefs to help them become accustomed to the style of reading that is important in law school and to pick out and retain important details, says Case law is generally different from o... More » Government & Politics Law