A domestic corporation is a corporate business that operates in its home country, as opposed to a global or foreign corporation, which operates in multiple countries. In the United States, a typical domestic corporation ... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Domestic profit corporations are legally recognized organizations that conduct business for profit in their countries of origin. A domestic corporation may be held to different laws and standards than a foreign organizat... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Examples of insuring domestic tranquility are The Patriotic Act initiation and World War II imprisonment of Americans of Japanese origin. The Patriotic Act was initiated in 2001 after the September 11 terrorist attacks. More » Government & Politics US Government
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A multinational corporation is a company that has an established presence in a country beside its home country. They generally have a headquarters in their home country that centralizes the management of their global fac... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Probably the most common example of a government-owned corporation is the United States Postal Service. Other examples include the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the National Park Foundation, the Export-Import Ba... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Sample articles of incorporation assist a business or organization in drafting the document necessary to legally establish a corporation. Online, Biztree provides a form to download and customize. Enter the date, company... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Starting a corporation involves creating a business idea and fulfilling all of the requirements as set by corporation law. In addition, you need to acquire all relevant work permits, licenses and an employer identificati... More » Business & Finance Corporations