According to health and fitness expert Jillian Michaels, ball catching is an example of a coordination exercise. Ball catching involves throwing the ball to another person and increasing the speed and frequency with whic... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

Physical coordination is the smooth functioning of multiple body parts when executing a particular movement. For example, doing a jumping jack requires moving the arms and legs at the same time as one coordinated action. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

Foot-eye coordination refers to the link between visual inputs or signals sent from the eye to the brain, and the eventual foot movements one makes in response. Foot-eye coordination can be understood as very similar to ... More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles
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Foam rollers are used to help loosen muscles before or after your main workout routine, and when used in conjunction with dynamic stretches, joint roller exercises help prevent injury and cramping during exercise. To per... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

A Weider Pro exercise chart is a tool used by owners of Weider Pro exercise equipment that lists exercises and allows people to keep track of activities completed during workout sessions. Weider Pro is a brand name of ho... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

Some core exercises for women above 50 include aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching, states WebMD. Physical activities and exercises reduce the chances of suffering from heart disease, osteoporosis and diab... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

The Army's daily dozen exercise routine is a set of 12 calisthenics exercises that are done each day as part of the physical therapy program. It was developed in 1920 by Walter Camp in an attempt to improve and strengthe... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise