An example of a commensalism relationship in the savanna is the relationship between lions and hyenas: lions kill and consume certain animals, then hyenas feed on the remains, enjoying the benefits of free food without h... More » Science Biology Zoology

One example of commensalism is the relationship between Patiria miniata, known as the Bat star, and a segmented worm called Ophiodromus pugettensis. The star has several grooves protruding from its mouth. Some Ophiodromu... More » Science Biology

The relationship between the arctic fox and polar bears and that between pitcher plant midges and mosquitoes are examples of commensalism in the tundra biome. Commensal interactions provide an advantage to an individual ... More » Science Earth Science
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Examples of carnivorous animals include tigers, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, cougars, foxes, mountain lions, coyotes, hawks, polar bears, crocodiles, eagles and wolves. The word "carnivore" comes from the Latin words for "me... More » Science Biology Zoology

According to the website Quizlet, a study tool for students, the symbiotic relationship between a Marabou stork and a bee is known as commensalism. Commensalism occurs when one organism benefits, while the other organism... More » Science Biology Zoology

The symbiotic relationship between a barnacle and a whale is known as commensalism, which describes an inter-species interaction that benefits at least one participant. In the case of whales and barnacles, the barnacles ... More » Science Biology Zoology

Some of the omnivores in tropical or African savanna include lions, giraffes and leopards. Omnivores are defined as organisms that eat a variety of other organisms, such as plants, animals and fungi. More » Science Biology Zoology