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good Example of Parallel Lines is a rail road track. Parallel line Segments.


The axes of a coordinate plane is an example of two perpendicular lines. In algebra 2 we have learnt how to find the slope of a line. Two parallel lines ...


Sep 13, 2012 ... This occurs for example in car suspension, where the springs and shock absorbers connect at an angle to their parallel joining components.


Vertical lines are parallel by definition. A line is vertical if the x-coordinates of two points on the line are the same. Example 1. Are two lines ...


Even though it may look like it, but the two steel rods will never intersect because they are parallel. There are many examples of parallel lines that you ...


May 16, 2019 ... The real life example of parallel lines. Few examples are: 1) Railroad Tracks. 2) Edges of walls. 3) Zebra crossing.


We can affine geometry parallel examples in. Please close this. Parallel lines remain the same distance apart over their entire length. They do i show that the ...


1. Non-Parallel Lines and Transversals Slide 1 Refresh your memory… Parallel Lines are lines that are . Examples: Non-Parallel Lines are lines that ...


One will be able to see lines which are parallel to each other in real life too if only one has the patience and is observant enough to do so. For instance, ...


Apr 24, 2018 ... The slope of the perpendicular line is -5/2. The product of the slopes of perpendicular lines is -1. For example, 2/5 * -5/2 = -1.


Two lines in a plane are said to be parallel if they do not intersect, ... The opposite edge of a ruler is an example of parallel line segments.