A wide range of past and present cultures have offered their own folkloric and religious methods for ridding homes of evil spirits, such as the Ancient Egyptian use of garlic, the Catholic practice of exorcism and the Ir... More »

Native Americans rid themselves of evil spirits through smudging or smoke cleansing, traditional rituals that utilize sage or other herbs, prayers, or visualization chants. Although smudging and smoke cleansing have some... More »

A few methods to banish evil spirits or demons are to sprinkle holy water, pray and rebuke the spirit in Jesus' name. Other methods include placing herbs and other substances in the room or in doorways. More »

Methods of protecting from evil spirits vary across religions and cultures. For example, Wicca and Catholicism both have different methods, ranging from prayer to the use of gemstones and herbs. Catholicism names holy wa... More »

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Some names of demons and evil spirits include Adramelech, Nybbas and Yan-gant-y-tan. While Adramelech assumes the shape of a mule or peacock, the other two demons present in a more human-like appearance. More »

Turmeric is the most direct way of warding off evil spirits. According to Astronlogia, turmeric is a natural substance of the Earth that forms a bio-magnetic shield around a person when consumed. It can be rubbed on the ... More »

In some cultures and religions, demons exist as destructive spirits, causing pain and grief wherever they go. In other cultures and religions, demons do not exist. More »