The exact cause of daily headaches is unknown, but some people may have a heightened response to pain, or the brain may not be suppressing pain signals, according to Mayo Clinic. Daily headaches may also actually be rebo... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Someone who wakes up with a headache every day may be experiencing sleep apnea, according to WebMD. This is most likely the case if the headache follows snoring. More » Health Conditions & Diseases

The Master Cleanse diet, also known as the Lemonade Diet, requires a strict liquids-only regimen over a consecutive 10-day period, as outlined in books like "The Master Cleanser" by Stanley Burroughs and Peter Glickman's... More » Health Nutrition & Diets Diet Plans
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Symptoms of arteriovenous malformation, or brain AVM, include bleeding in the brain, seizures, headache or localized head pain, muscle weakness or numbness and vision loss, according to Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms includ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Opiate painkillers, also known as opioid analgesics, are used to reduce pain signals received by the nervous system and suppress the brain's response to that pain, according to WebMD. Doctors typically prescribe opiates ... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

MedlinePlus explains that all types of seizures result from sudden disorganized electrical activity in the brain, which sends abnormal signals that cause changes in the body's behavior and mental condition. There are man... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

While central sleep apnea occurs when the brain fails to send signals to the muscles that control breathing, obstructive sleep apnea results from upper airway obstruction according to Mayo Clinic. Of these two major type... More » Health Conditions & Diseases