To care for Chinese evergreen, provide ample shade, water as needed, fertilize once or twice per year, prune it when it grows too large, remove dust, and keep an eye out for pests. Chinese evergreen plants are easy to ca... More »

Weeping evergreens are plants that have green foliage throughout the year. They also have branches that droop to the ground as they grow. These plants are often grown as ornamentals by gardeners and home owners. More »

Evergreen viburnum, a shrub with multiple varieties that can reach up to 20 feet in height, requires little specialized care to thrive. Water evergreen viburnum shrubs during dry periods, and apply mulch around the plant... More »

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To take care of an indoor fuchsia plant, give the plant partial sun during the day, water it regularly and treat it for pests. Don't let the leaves of the plant touch the dirt in the pot, since this can cause whiteflies ... More »

To grow a mango tree, prepare an appropriate growing spot, make sure the soil drains properly, plant the root ball, water the tree, fertilize it three times per year and watch for pests. Growing a mango tree is fairly ea... More »

Asparagus are unique among vegetables because they are perennials, so the same plants come back up in the garden year after year; their sprouts are the edible part of the plant. It takes at least two seasons after planti... More »

To start growing lavender indoors, choose a variety that can tolerate indoor conditions, pot it appropriately, place it in a sunny area, and re-pot the plant each year. You need a lavender plant, a container, potting soi... More »