Weeping evergreens are plants that have green foliage throughout the year. They also have branches that droop to the ground as they grow. These plants are often grown as ornamentals by gardeners and home owners. More »

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Evergreen tires are an environmentally friendly brand of tires manufactured by the Evergreen factory using an advanced silica component that produces high-quality tires that are durable and fuel efficient. Evergreen tire... More »

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According to the University of Minnesota Extension, the best time to fertilize evergreens is in early April, prior to the expansion of new growth. Fertilizer may be applied until about mid-July. More »

Sedum flowers are decorative plants with star-shaped red, pink, yellow or white flowers and foliage ranging from bluish to silver and purple in color. They are perennials that require little care and should be planted at... More »

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According to the National Gardening Association, elderberry plants can be identified by the deep purple berries that ripen in August of each year. The elderberry has a shrub-like appearance and is about 6 to 12 feet tall... More »

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Humans need plants for a number of reasons, with the two most important ones being to provide oxygen and food. Additionally, plants give fuel, fiber, medicine and materials for shelter. They can also be useful in cleanin... More »

Acorns, maple seeds and the seeds of legumes (a family of plants that includes beans, peas and lentils) are examples of dicot seeds. The common characteristic of these seeds is that they contain two seed leaves inside th... More »