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Invite the Fire Department and Northwestern Police Department to participate in the drill. Prior to the drill, hold an evacuation warden meeting to review the ...


Appropriate assembly points ? ... Appropriate evacuation strategy ? ... Appropriate procedures for returning to operation after minor incident or false alarm ?


2001 National Fire Protection Association. EMPLOYEE FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: Developing a Preparedness Plan and. Conducting Emergency Evacuation Drills.


Emergency Preparedness and Response in Child Care ... Fire Drill Checklist (Onsite Evacuation Checklist). Date of drill. Total time to complete the drill.


Example of an evacuation pre-drill checklist: Pre- Evacuation Drill Checklist ... Staff briefed on emergency procedures at least once a.


Where a fire alarm system is provided, emergency evacuation drills shall be initiated by activating the fire alarm system. DRILL TIMES. Drill shall be held at ...


Observation: Take careful note of the actions of all people executing the evacuation procedure. Look out for issues (people stopping to collect belongings, slow ...


This includes carrying out fire safety drills, which are essential for testing and maintaining fire evacuation ... Fire Evacuation Drill Checklist.


Were designated evacuation routes used by participants? Did excessive noise accompany evacuation? Were there designated meeting areas assigned to each ...


EVACUATION ROLL CALL SITE ATTENDANCE CHECKLIST ... ***In the event of a disaster, use this form to account for your employees at your Evacuation.


PRE DRILL ASSESSMENT. Evacuation routes posted. Yes No. Evacuation signs are in good condition. Yes No. Exits are clearly marked.