The majority of Europe is in the Eastern Hemisphere, but a portion of it is contained in the Western Hemisphere. The globe can be divided into two hemispheres, east and west; the starting of each hemisphere is at the Pri... More »

Part of Russia is in Europe, and part is in Asia. Russia is the largest country in the world and extends from Eastern Europe to the North Pacific Ocean. European Russia refers to the western portion of Russia that spans ... More » Geography Russia

Europe is home to both arid and semi-arid deserts, the three major ones being Accona Desert, Oltenia Sahara and Tabernas Desert. The Accona Desert is in Tuscany, Italy, with dome-shaped white dunes. It is a semi-arid des... More »

Spain is in three hemispheres: the Northern Hemisphere, the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere. The Prime Meridian, which divides the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, runs right through eastern Spain, which pu... More »

Europe, also called Europa, is located in the Western and Northern Hemispheres on the European continent. Europe lies north of the African continent, south of the Arctic continent, west of the Asian continent and east of... More »

There are 48 countries within Europe when qualifying the United Kingdom as a single entity. If the countries that comprise the United Kingdom are counted separately, there are 51 countries in Europe. More »

While some people believe that the origins of the name "Europe" can be traced back to the Greek myth of Zeus and Europa, there is a centuries-old lack of consensus on this topic. Even the ancient Greek historian Herodotu... More »