The symbol for the euro is €, and it is called the "euro sign." The symbol's designers drew inspiration from the ancient Greek epsilon symbol when creating it. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

The symbol for the Euro is €, though it is sometimes written as E or EUR on European receipts. To create this symbol on an American keyboard press Option + Shift + 2 on a MAC, or CNTRL + ALT + e on a PC. More »

Some currency exchange traded fund symbols are UUP, EUO, YCS, CYB and UDN. UUP is a passive ETF that seeks to replicate the performance of the Deutsche Bank Long US Dollar Index, which contains long USDX futures contract... More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

Banks, credit unions and money transmitters offer services to transfer money internationally into Euros, according to MyBankTracker. These banks and private services allow consumers to transfer money from one account to ... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Euro traveler's checks are available through American Express, and individuals can purchase them online or through a number of bank locations throughout the United States. American Express cardholders may use their Ameri... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

To write a check, provide all requested information in the areas indicated on the check, and sign and date it. Writing a check is a simple task that takes less than five minutes to complete. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

To create a PayPal account, complete the online sign up form at, and confirm the email address provided. Add a credit card to the account, or complete the verification process to add a bank account to Paypal. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking