To write a funeral eulogy, start by writing down information about the person's life, including major accomplishments and milestones, the names of his family members and special stories about him. Use your notes to find ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A sample for a funeral resolution can be found online on websites, such as Church Funeral Resolution and They also provide useful information on writing funeral resolutions. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Family members, friends and clergy most often deliver eulogies. For highly religious funerals, the clergy is usually the person who delivers the eulogy. Directors of funeral homes also conduct some funerals, and these in... More » Holidays & Celebrations
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Prepare for a funeral sermon or eulogy by finding a theme or "hook" that exemplifies the deceased’s life, interviewing family and friends and finding humor to incorporate. Although funeral sermons are typically conducted... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Some things to say in a funeral eulogy include discussing the person's background, your relationship with him and any milestones the person achieved. Additionally, include information about what the person's legacy is an... More » Holidays & Celebrations

The Funeral Advantage Program is a plan that streamlines the last monetary expenses in a person's life. It provides life insurance benefits as well as family support upon the policy owner's death. Support is provided thr... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Appropriate and sensitive jokes, anecdotes that show the individual's virtues and values and sincere statements that speak from the heart all are appropriate for a mother's eulogy. The eulogy should comfort the living wh... More » Holidays & Celebrations