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Ethyl acetate is the most common ester in wine, being the product of the most common volatile organic acid – acetic acid, and the ethyl alcohol generated during the fermentation. The aroma of ethyl acetate is most vivid in younger wines and contributes towards the general perception of "fruitiness" in the wine.


Ethyl acetate is used as a solvent in the manufacture of modified hop extract and decaffeinated tea or coffee. Also used for colour and inks used to mark fruit or vegetables. In the field of entomology, ethyl acetate is an effective asphyxiant for use in insect collecting and study.


The Solubility of Ethyl Acetate in Water. A. P. Altshuller, and H. E. Everson. ... Linear free-energy relationship between partition coefficients and the aqueous solubility of organic liquids. Corwin Hansch, John E. Quinlan, Gary L. Lawrence. The Journal of Organic Chemistry 1968 33 (1) ...


Solubility in water: 8.7% at 20°C: Solubility of water in ethyl acetate: 3.3% at 20°C : Regulatory and Safety Data : DOT Hazard Class: 3, Flammable Liquid: Packing Group: II: UN Identification Number: UN1173 : Storage: Store in an area designed for flammable storage, or in an approved metal cabinet, away from direct sunlight and sources of ...


So ethyl acetate, which dissolves in water at ambient temperature at around 8.5% w/w exhibits quite a low solubility, but definitely not "zero solubility". One reason for the low solubility is that the molecule does not contain hydrogen atoms sufficiently polarised to readily form hydrogen bonds with water (unlike ethanol, for example).


Water Purification Systems; Service. ... Solubility Assay. Show More. Product # Description 270989: Ethyl acetate, anhydrous, 99.8%, ... Ethyl acetate, Ethyl acetate for gas chromatography ECD and FID SupraSolv®. CAS 141-78-6, EC Number 205-500-4, chemical formula CH₃COOC₂H₅., for gas chromatography ECD and FID SupraSolv®, ...


Ethyl acetate CAN dissolve up to 3% water and has a solubility of 8% in water at room temperature. At elevated temperature its solubility in water is higher. It is unstable in the presence of strong aqueous bases and acids.


Solubility of ethyl acetate (ethyl ethanoate) in water is 8.3 g/100 mL at 20 °C.


SOCl2 reacts with esters, such as Ethyl acetate, forming toxic SO2 gas and water soluble/toxic acyl chlorides, catalyzed by Fe or Zn (Spagnuolo, C.J. et al. 1992. Chemical and Engineering News 70(22):2.).


Solubility of Water in Ethyl Acetate. Mass of Ethyl Acetate (g) Mass of Water (g) Mass of added Ethyl Acetate (g) Mass Fraction of Ethyl Acetate. Mass Fraction of Water. Mass Fraction of added Ethyl Acetate. 20. 4. 31.7. 0.3591. 0.0718. 0.5691. Solubility of an Ethyl Acetate - Water Mixture in Propionic Acid.