Ethiopian Amharic music is the classical or contemporary music associated with the Amhara people of northern Ethiopia. Amharic music typically contains lyrical content in the Semitic Amharic language, rather than Arabic ... More » Art & Literature

Written in the official language of modern Ethiopia, the Amharic Bible can be purchased in physical form from many online retailers. It is free via download for Bible reading software on a PC at, and for Androi... More » Education

To watch the broadcast of ESAT TV in Amharic, go to, and click ESAT Live to open the live streaming page of ESAT TV, The Ethiopian Satellite Television, or ESAT, is an Ethiopian televis... More » Art & Literature
similar articles, and YouTube all have music of Amharic artists that visitors can play for free. has eight playlists of Ethiopian music that are accessible with one click, one of which is a li... More » Art & Literature

Celtic Woman is an all-female Irish musical ensemble known for their renditions of classic Irish tunes, new-age folk and adult contemporary music as well as classical crossovers. The group was formed in 2004 in Dublin, I... More » Art & Literature and list many full movies in the Amharic language that are free to watch as of 2015. Some movies in Amharic are "Adwa," "Adera," "Rebuni," "Banchi Gize" and "Misten Kemugn." More » Art & Literature

Hubesha Community Hub is an Ethiopian music portal that features a wide variety of Amharic MP3s that can be downloaded free of charge. The website also allows facilitates personalized playlists of Amharic MP3s. More » Art & Literature