Many grammar exercises are in the form of quizzes. They consist of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. Handouts and online grammar lessons are also useful tools in assisting with grammar for ESL students. More » Education

Some basic grammar rules include rules about sentence structure, such as a singular subject requires a singular predicate. A sentence must contain a subject and a predicate and should stand alone as a complete thought. More » Education

Helpful resources for learning English grammar include grammar blogs, books and online guides and courses. For students learning English as a foreign language, websites such as English4u and the ESL Resource Center are r... More » Education
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Find practice quizzes on comma use on grammar websites such as and Grammar Bytes! at Additionally, search the websites of some universities and colleges, such as the University of Wisconsi... More » Education

Different present perfect exercises include the "have" or "has" exercise, writing questions in the present perfect simple form, and making both the positive and negative present perfect. The present perfect verb tense in... More » Education

The Internet provides a number of venues where one can polish their grammar skills or review basic components. One of the most thorough and extensive is the Online Writing Lab (OWL) provided through Purdue University. An... More » Education

Although no specific book is a definitive standard guide to correct English grammar, the New Fowler's Modern English Usage and Garner's Modern American Usage are two relatively modern and authoritative texts on proper gr... More » Education