Many grammar exercises are in the form of quizzes. They consist of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. Handouts and online grammar lessons are also useful tools in assisting with grammar for ESL students. More » Education

ESL conversation-based lessons consist of planned exercises designed to engage students in meaningful conversation in English. Lessons improve conversational skills and often involve activities such as storytelling, role... More » Education

Some examples of English as a second language lesson plans are telephone conversations, homophones, British vs. American pronunciation, contractions, and U.S. geography and directional words. Typical categories for lesso... More » Education K-12
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Find practice quizzes on comma use on grammar websites such as and Grammar Bytes! at Additionally, search the websites of some universities and colleges, such as the University of Wisconsi... More » Education

Different present perfect exercises include the "have" or "has" exercise, writing questions in the present perfect simple form, and making both the positive and negative present perfect. The present perfect verb tense in... More » Education

In grammar, present perfect tense is a combination of the present tense and the perfect aspect. To create the present perfect tense, combine a present-tense phrase with the past participle of the verb that can either be ... More » Education

Adele's ESL Corner offers English grammar, listening, and vocabulary practice for students learning English as a second language. The website,, also offers pronunciation guides and practice sheets along ... More » Education