Many grammar exercises are in the form of quizzes. They consist of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. Handouts and online grammar lessons are also useful tools in assisting with grammar for ESL students. More » Education

Effective ESL exercises for beginners include role play activities, changing the verb tense in a paragraph and flashcards. Another option is listening to music in English, which reinforces concepts and improves listening... More » Education

ESL conversation-based lessons consist of planned exercises designed to engage students in meaningful conversation in English. Lessons improve conversational skills and often involve activities such as storytelling, role... More » Education
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Find practice quizzes on comma use on grammar websites such as and Grammar Bytes! at Additionally, search the websites of some universities and colleges, such as the University of Wisconsi... More » Education

Different present perfect exercises include the "have" or "has" exercise, writing questions in the present perfect simple form, and making both the positive and negative present perfect. The present perfect verb tense in... More » Education

Choosing the correct word that fits a sentence depends on knowing its exact meaning and grammar usage. Some types of words that can be problematic in sentences are verbs. Similar, there are writing mistakes when using wo... More » Education

In English grammar, the simple present tense refers to the type of tense that describes actions which happen on a regular basis. The sentence, "The boy studies in school," provides an example of the tense's use. More » Education