Erase your hard drive by performing a clean installation of Windows and formatting all partitions. Set your optical drive as the primary boot device in BIOS, and initiate the setup process by restarting your computer. Se... More » Technology Digital Storage

To erase data from a hard drive, right-click on the files you wish to remove, and select the Delete option. To remove the files permanently, click on the files, and press Delete while holding down Shift. Alternatively, f... More » Technology Digital Storage

To wipe a hard drive is to completely delete all data on it. Wiping a hard drive is irreversible, requires using special software and is operating system independent. More » Technology Digital Storage
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Use the Disk Management tool in the Administrative Tools applet to reformat a hard drive on any Windows PC running Windows 2000 or later. First, back up your files. Then, open a Run window, open Administrative Tools, ope... More » Technology Digital Storage

To format a hard drive, insert your Windows 7 installation disc, and set your optical drive as the primary boot option in the BIOS settings. Initiate the setup procedure, and format the drive that contains the previous W... More » Technology Digital Storage

The method of removing a hard drive may differ depending on the device. If you are removing the hard drive from an HP computer, you must open the case, disconnect all cables, remove the cage and finally the drive. More » Technology Digital Storage

A 1TB hard drive is a disk drive that can hold 1 terabyte of data. The first 1TB hard drive was the Deskstar 7K1000, which was produced in 2007 by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and sold for $399. More » Technology Digital Storage