The Era of Good Feelings was the time between 1817 to 1825 when the United States was dominated by one political party and had little concern about intervention by foreign countries. The phrase was first used on July 12,... More » History Modern History US History

It is a good idea to write letters expressing feelings whenever the person is unclear as to how she feels about another person or situation, and this uncertainty is preventing her from functioning normally. A letter can ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Though neither the British nor the Americans gained or lost territory during the War of 1812, the conflict had many results, including the establishment of the Canadian border, the end of British influence among the nort... More » History Modern History US History
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The Progressive Movement (or the Progressive Era) between 1900 and 1920 was a time of sweeping reforms, enabling the United States government to play a greater role in controlling business and protecting the public. Som... More » History Modern History US History

Andrew Jackson helped to form the political party that is now known as the Democrats, which at his time, were referred to as the Democrat-Republican Party. He created the political party in support of his belief that pol... More » History Modern History US History

The main concern of the United States and the other western powers during the Cold War was that the Soviet Union would obtain control of the Western European countries through either invasions or by communist takeovers o... More » History Modern History Cold War

President Woodrow Wilson's Moral Diplomacy was a diplomatic approach in which support was given to countries whose moral beliefs aligned with that of the United States. Wilson's theory was that by only supporting those c... More » History Modern History US History