Equivalent fractions are fractions that have the same numerical value. For example, 1/2 and 2/4 are equivalent fractions, as they are both equal to 0.5. More » Math Fractions & Percentages

Equivalent fractions can be found by either dividing or multiplying both the numerator and denominator by the same nonzero number. For example, when the top, or numerator, and bottom, or denominator, of the fraction 2/4 ... More » Math Geometry

In math, equivalent fractions are fractions that are of the same value when simplified or calculated. Starting with a half, the subsequent equivalent fraction would be two-fourths. More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum
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Improper fractions are those in which the numerator (top number) is larger than the denominator (bottom number). According to Math is Fun, improper fractions are better for use in mathematical formulae, but mixed fractio... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

To add or subtract fractions, first determine if the fractions have a common denominator. If the fractions have different denominators, find the least common multiple of the two numbers, and convert the fractions. Once t... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

When dealing with fractions, the order of operations states that multiplication or division is performed first, moving from left to right, and is followed by addition or subtraction, also moving from left to right. Altho... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

When one subtracts mixed numbers, subtract the whole numbers, then subtract the fractions. One needs to borrow from the whole number if the first fraction is less than the second. The fraction is best shown in reduced te... More » Math Fractions & Percentages