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Many body systems — including your muscles, bones, joints, vision, the balance organ in the inner ear, nerves, heart and blood vessels — must work normally for you to have normal balance. When these systems aren't functioning well, you can experience balance problems.


Balance problems can be temporary or a long-term issue, depending on what causes them. If you have an ear infection or have just traveled on a boat, the condition generally clears up in time with ...


One of the most common causes of feeling like your equilibrium is off is labrynthitis or vestibulitis, inflammation of the inner ear. See a doctor who can help. Find Ear nose throat doctors near you. This is usually caused by a viral infection, and the typical symptoms are feeling like the room is spinning or that you cannot keep your balance.


Don't Get Caught Off Balance. ... But it wasn't until he began incorporating equilibrium exercises into his fitness routine that he learned he could actually get better at it.


Answers from experts on what causes equilibrium to be off balance. First: Several reasons, from abnormality in peripheral vestibular function, brain lesion, psychiatric, or unknown. Examples are otitis media, acoustic neuroma, meniers' disease, migraines, ms, pregnancy, low blood sugar or blood pressure, heart attack, iron deficiency anemia, thyroid disease, hormonal changes, anxiety/depressio...


Equilibrium, or balance, problems may be caused by vertigo, inner ear infections and conditions, Meniere's disease, some medications, head injuries, tumors and blood pressure problems, explains Healthline. A doctor's assessment is necessary to pinpoint the cause of equilibrium-related symptoms.


Even though balance erodes quite naturally and gradually with age, there are several health conditions that can set your equilibrium off kilter as they affect another bodily system that helps maintain proper stability. Related Topics (Ads): Healthy Living Diet PlanHealth and Wellness ProgramsHealthy Lifestyle RoutinesHealth and Fitness Options for Women Here are 12 common and […]


What are some types of balance disorders? How is a balance disorder diagnosed? How is a balance disorder treated? How do I know if I have a balance disorder? How can I help my doctor make a diagnosis? What research is being done for balance disorders? Balance Disorders Center; Patient Comments: Vestibular Balance Disorders - Cause


Something with my balance and equilibrium seems off. Like I can?t seem to stay steady or something. What could be behind that? Is something wrong with my brain? I don?t remember injuring myself in any way. Answer. First of all I am sorry to hear that you have been having problems with your equilibrium/balance. Your balance is controlled in ...


Dizziness and Equilibrium; Dizziness and Equilibrium. Understanding Vestibular and Balance Disorders. Dizziness is one of the most difficult complaints to assess because it is a subjective sensation that cannot be directly and objectively measured.