The equation for the volume of a right circular cylinder is V = πr^2h. In this equation, V is the volume, r is the radius of the cylinder's base, and h is the height of the cylinder. The radius is squared, and multiplied... More » Math Geometry

Calculating the liquid volume of a cylinder involves multiplying the height by the area of its base or top. Input the number values correlating to the parts of the cylinder in the equation, either using manual or electro... More » Science Measurements

The volume of a pipe is found by multiplying pi by the height by the radius squared. This is the common equation for a cylinder. More » Math Math Calculators
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The cubic feet formula depends on the shape of the object for which one is calculating volume, but for a cube, v=a^3, where a is the length of one side in feet. For cylinders and prisms, the formula is the area of the ba... More » Math Geometry

The formula of length x width x depth is used to calculate volume of box-shaped areas. For example, the formula can be used to calculate the volume of storage boxes, topsoil, yards, gardens, and concrete and cement fills... More » Math Geometry

The formula for deriving a cylinder's height involves dividing its volume by the area of one of its end faces. If the physical cylinder is present, measuring the shortest distance along the curved side from one end to th... More » Math Geometry Shapes

A cylinder technically has two curved edges, but in mathematics, an edge is defined as a straight line. Therefore, a cylinder actually has no edges, no vertices and two faces. More » Math Geometry