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Parallel line segments are any two line segments that run parallel to each other, which means that they will never cross. The length or thickness of each line does not matter.


An equation is a statement declaring that two values are equal. It has an equals sign and expressions on the left and right of the equals sign; the expression on the left and the right are equal.


A parallel connection may describe either a configuration of components in an electronic circuit or an interface that allows the connection of peripherals, such as hardware keys, scanners, and joysticks, to computers. The parallel connector is also known as a printer port.


Parallelism may be defined as the similarity of structure between related words, phrases or clauses. Parallelism is frequently used to persuade someone of something, because the repetition structure is convincing by nature. The form may also be used to improve the flow of a work, allowing for a smoo


Parallel force systems are those in which forces act in the same direction. The opposite of a parallel force system is a perpendicular force system, which is a system that has forces acting at right angles to each other.


The vector equation of a line is r = a + tb. In this equation, "a" represents the vector position of some point that lies on the line, "b" represents a vector that gives the direction of the line, "r" represents the vector of any general point on the line and "t" represents how much of "b" is needed


A triangle can never have any parallel lines because there must be three angles that add up to 180 degrees, which makes it impossible for the three sides to avoid intersecting. A parallel line can never intersect with another, and triangles must always have intersecting sides.


To find the equation of a line that is tangent to a curve, you must find a line with the same slope as that point of the curve. This can be done with a graphing calculator that can give the slope at a particular point or by hand using the derivative of a curve function.


According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, solid, parallel yellow lines indicate that vehicles are not allowed to pass. Vehicles are prohibited from driving on the left side of these double solid lines.


The equation for determining the net force acting on an object is F = ma, or force equals mass times acceleration. Net force is measured in terms of acceleration, which means a change in velocity. If there is no change in velocity, the net force is considered to be zero.