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To cut rebar, get a rebar cutting machine. Put the safety bar in proper position. Choose the setting for the desired rebar size and bend with bar, extending 8" beyond bend point. Unlock the safety and set to "Cut". Position rebar in teeth, touching back safety and using the trigger to cut the materi


Rebar sizes range from #3 to #18 and are equal to the number of 1/8 inches in the diameter of the bar. A #3 rebar is 0.375 inches in diameter and weighs 0.376 pounds per foot. A #18 rebar is 2.257 inches in diameter and weighs 13.6 pounds per foot.


Rebar estimating refers to the process of determining the approximate quantity and size of rebars, welded wire mesh and construction accessories that are needed for building a reinforced concrete structure. This information is necessary for the pricing estimation of a project.


Some top-rated types of epoxy floor coating are water-based epoxy, high-solids epoxy and clear epoxy, states AllGarageFloors.com. Some examples of DIY epoxy kits suitable for floor coating include Quikrete and RustOleum.


Rebar provides concrete with significantly more strength than it otherwise has, especially in the area of tensile strength, which makes it necessary for concrete used in infrastructure subject to heavy loads and stress. Rebar, or reinforcing steel, significantly increases the ability of concrete to


Rebar spacing is calculated so that each square foot of reinforced area is sufficient for its load and can be calculated using a rebar spacing calculator. Taking grade, size, spacing and location into consideration, calculations are based on length and width of concrete in conjunction with rebar siz


Uncured epoxy is removed by scraping off as much of the spilled epoxy as possible and then removing any epoxy residue by wiping it from a surface with a rag dampened with rubbing alcohol. Remove cured epoxy by heating it up prior to scraping it off.


Epoxy and polyurethane are two different types of coatings. Both epoxy and polyurethane are used primarily as coatings of concrete floors, and the best type of coating for individual floors can be determined after the floor has been evaluated.


Benefits of using an epoxy deck coating include durability, flexibility and attractive surface appearance, states Sundek of San Antonio. Epoxy deck coating is also versatile, as it can be applied in both domestic and industrial uses.


One of the most popular brands of epoxy coatings and color kits is CountertopEpoxy.com's FX Poxy. Rated highly on Amazon.com, FX Poxy is anti-bacterial and UV resistant.