Epic software is an integrated system that enables health care professionals and facilities to create, access, modify and transfer patient health records electronically. The software incorporates clinical, revenue, billi... More »

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ON1's website offers free tutorials for both using its own suites of photography software and others, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, with some example topics including texturing, organization, photo enhance... More »

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Epic training is education on software that was created for mid-size and large medical groups, such as hospitals and integrated health care organizations. The integrated software covers revenue, access, and clinical func... More »

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Patient Notebook is a Web platform that provides users with online access to their health records, including test results, prescriptions and health care plans. It also allows patients and doctors to communicate through s... More »

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The National HealthCare Corporation is a provider of health care services in the form of skilled nursing centers, assisted living facilities, retirement centers and home health care programs. The company affiliates opera... More »

Cintas offers uniforms and work apparel for many different industries, from scrubs for health care workers to coats for culinary professionals. The options for uniform pieces range from pants and shirts to specialized fo... More »

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From practice management technology and patient portals in individual physicians' offices to workforce and supply chain management software for hospitals and health care systems, Cerner provides technology solutions that... More »

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